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Quality Control Supervisor $11-$13/hr

Class: full

Location: Boardman

Welders/Structural Fitters

Various companies are looking for experienced welders and/or structural steel fitters. All shifts available Starting wage depends on experience

Class: full

Location: Niles, Ohio; Columbiana, Ohio; New Brighton, Pa; New Castle, Pa; Hermitage, Pa

Maintenance Technician

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: * Work closely with other maintenance workers and assist in all maintenance tasks as needed. * Perform diagnosis of complex problems on plastic injection and blow molding machines as well as related equipment such as grinders. * Perform all electrical repairs on molding machines, * Use welders, blow torches, drills, saws, and other tools to manufacture tools or parts used in the repair and maintenance of machines and equipment. * Operate the controls of the machines in order to determine problems and test solutions. PERFORM OTHER RELATED DUTIES AND ASSIGNMENTS AS REQUIRED Starting wage will depend on experience.

Class: full

Location: Middlefield, Ohio