For Employers

We are your best staffing solution with a personal touch..
Let us streamline your hiring process and get it right.

Enrich Lives

We provide a personal touch atmosphere that allows us to find the right person for the right career.

High Quality Service

Our goal is to provide the kind of personal care and attention to each and every one of our clients.

Recruit and Place

We measure our sucess by the way in which we service our clients with the best available employees to fill their open positions.


If we do not have the right employee that fits our client’s needs, we will notify that client rather than just send anyone to fill the position.

Training and Development

We will also go through an extensive orientation process covering our policies, procedures and safety awareness.

Customer service

Applicants will spend approximately one hour completing a personnel application, authorizations and various tests evaluating their different skills and abilities.

Our Values

  1. The staffing business is a highly competitive business, and you probably have heard every reason imaginable as to why you should use other companies. We know that no matter what business you are in, a company has to go “The Extra Mile” to secure as well as maintain a client. We have tried to make sure we do “go the extra mile” with the services that we provide you, with only a few of them listed below.
  2. Get a quick replacement to cover for vacations or illness. Manage variations in workload. Whenever you need short-term help, contact us for high-quality, prescreened associates.
  3. Try an associate at your location to see if they are a good fit before committing to a permanent hire. They remain on our payroll until you decide to extend an offer – at no risk to you.
  4. Save money and shorten your time-to-hire by allowing us to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs.
  5. We take care of all the details and administrative tasks associated with handling a large contingent workforce.
  6. Let us handle care of payroll, benefits, federal / state payroll taxes, unemployment, worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance for the associates you choose.
  7. Our orientation helps reduce your turnover and improve productivity because the employee is familiarized with the job, the company, the job requirements, as well as the safety procedures prior to showing up at the job site.

Better Employment Solutions

Hire more effectively, reduce costs and maximize your bottom line.

Better Efficiency

Spend less time and money recruiting, screening and managing your workforce – and more time reaching your business goals.

Better Connection

Local ownership for the ease of local decision making – and less red tape.

Better Decisions

Reliable workforce consultants with the know-how to uncover the best talent.